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National final Season is about to get even better...

Happy new year to everyone, I hope you all not having the problems I have, I got a lot of new pounds because of the food I ate at the end of the year, I think I'll need to run not less than 10 miles at day to get fit! xD Anyway, I had fun with my family and some friends, and I hope you did too.
Let's talk about my drug 'music' represented these days in the National finals for the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest that are getting even better, because the Scandinavian countries like former winner Norway is getting ready, so does Sweden, and Iceland ! (My favourites so far) Currently Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Belgium have chosen some semi finalists and Spain, Malta and Turkey have made important announcements, among others. 
We already have three acts selected, I'm gonna make a little review of the song and artist:
1. Switzerland - Anna Rossinelli - In love for a while  Selected in the Swiss National Final with a name that I won't write because it's to hard for m…