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Melodifestivalen 2012 Review: Deltävling 4

The 4TH semi final in Malmö, has arrived and all the 32 songs are known now. As all of us expected, it was the strongest semi final of all the tour, I liked 7 of 8 acts, and let’s talk about the results.
02. OPA! – “ALLTING BLIR BRA IGEN”. R/= LAST PLACE. I kind of liked it, but didn’t convince me a 100%, despite the lyrics was good but so easy at time. They were the new ones in the semi, that in regular words mean “last place”, it’s always nice to hear Greek soundings in Melodifestivalen, but my favorite ever, has been “alla” by Sofia Berstron in 2009 ;).
 05. HANNA LINDBLAD – “GOOSEBUMPS”. R/= 7TH PLACE We’re living in middle of a retro wave and Hanna took us till 80’s decade, and mostly to “Flash dance” époque, I love it, and it’s gonna be one of my favorite songs of the season without a doubt, I wasn’t even born when this kind of music was on, or I was too little to enjoy it, so, that’s why I got some fascination, besides Hanna has a “je ne sais quoi” that got me ;), I love her back i…

Melodifestivalen 2012 Review: Deltävling 3

Leksands Deltävling was held last Saturday and these were the results of that amazing Semi final, in this Swedish city ;)
02. MARIA BENHAJJI – “I MINA DRÖMMAR” R/= LAST PLACE Beautiful song and very well performed by the only fact that was a webbjoker it plays against it, since the webbjoker contest was created, none of its winners has reached the Andra or the Final spot, that’s sad, the only near of that was Julie Alvgard when she placed 6th last year in 4 semi final. Let’s see the Maria BenHajji’s career develop a little more and she could come back and advance a little more ;)
05. CAROLINA WALLIN PÉREZ – “SANNINGEN” R/= 7TH PLACE I don’t know what it happens with the Latin names in Melodifestivalen, since long time ago, I can’t find an act qualified in a final with a Latin Last Name, well maybe Danny Saucedo counts XD (so the answer would be, since last year hahaha) I like this song, I thought it would be one of the chosen ones, but she only can get 7th place. L

"A song for Spain"...

I was going to talk about the 4 songs from the Spanish Selection for their Artist (Pastora Soler) chosen internally last December, but today was announced that “Ahora o Nunca” is the chosen one to be the eligible song among the two previous chosen to be the song for Pastora Soler in their Final in Baku 2012.
Without know the official draw of the 3 songs in the final, but as they are two ballads and one mid-tempo song, I’m gona talk about them in my own draw. So let’s talk about the 3 rest songs then ;)
1. “Ahora o nunca” (Now or never)
It’s the one I felt in love from the first time, in Spain is not the most favourite, but I personally find it really pleasant and her voice sounds great in every note and Word, it’s a beautiful Spanish Ballad, without using the traditional Spanish arrangements. To me would be this song or the Swedish-Spanish one. The thing I like the most from this song is that is totally Spanish made, and I was calling for a Spanish-Spanish entry.
2. “Tu vida es tu vida”…

Melodifestivalen 2012 Review: Deltävling 2

After the BIG impression left by Loreen in her semi, it was hard not to compare the second one with the first, at least taking as mold the Loreen’s performance itself. But I personally I couldn’t find one as well as hers, perhaps, the one made by…. (keep reading) XD
07. Mimi Oh – Det går för långsamt. R/= Last place I think it’s those kinda songs use to fill up a space or so, the song was good but not enough, she tried to do her best, but Swedes don’t want that old-fashioned style, at least not from her, sorry Mimi Oh, but all the best in your musical career ;). Maybe next time a better place will come J

04. Andreas Lundstedt – Aldrig, aldrig. R/= 7th place I can’t still believe Andreas didn’t make it, the song wasn’t that bad and he did a good job. Maybe he just played a burned card I wanna mean the “modern Schlager” that sounded quite alike to “Headline” to me, that it had a good result last time, but that was 2 years ago and now everything has changed and more up there.

03. Sonja Aldén …

MGP 2012: My predictions

Hey, I promised to do this early and now it's late night in Europe and Afternoon in Americas

My MGP Super Finalists are: 
10. Tommy Fredvang – «Make It Better»
01. Tooji - «Stay»
04. Plumbo – «Ola Nordmann»
06. Nora Foss Al-Jabri – «Somewhere Beautiful»

Dark horses of the night
08. Petter Øien og Bobby Bare – «Things Change»
02. Reidun Sæther – «High On Love»

I'm feeling that a male voice will be the selected either a solo or a group act, but with a male voice. it's just a feeling ;)

I think the winner is among Tooji, Plumbo or Tommy Fredvang ;p

Carpe Diem!


Söngvakeppni 2012 Final: Who'll be the winner ?

A year ago, I was the guy who wasn’t able to write without cheat the Icelandic national selection name, but today, I can write it without look at my keyboard, and I’m so in love with “Söngvakeppni Sónvarpsins” 2012.
The Icelandic broadcasting (RÚV) has made a great job pick each song they put into each semi finals, now, I’m so much fan of the Icelandic music, thanks to this year’s Söngvakeppni (I can’t stop writing it)
I’m gonna do a little reprise of each of the 7 song finalists for today’s final show, what let me a little sad because it’s the end of the NF, but happy because we’ll have the 9th song for Eurovision Song Contest 2012. ;)
The running order for the Icelandic final is as follows:
01. Heiða and Guðrún Árný – Aldrei sleppir mér (L&M: Greta Salóme Stefánsdóttir)
02. Magni Ásgeirsson – Hugarró  (L&M: Sveinn Rúnar Sigurðsson, Þórunn Erna Clausen )
03. Rósa Birgítta Ísfeld – Stund með þér (L&M: Sveinn Rúnar Sigurðsson - Þórunn Erna Clausen)
04. Simbi og Hrútspungarnir – He…


MPG is quite similar to Swedish Melodifestivalen, it’s a tour contest along the Norwegian land. This year the heats or semis where held in Ørland, Larvik, Florø, and the Big Final will be held in Oslo. So, use google Earth and unite the dots.
This is line-up for the Final, which will be held in the Spektrum Arena.
If you are just like me, you probably didn’t watch all the performances or all the three semis, or maybe you didn’t know the MGP was running, so I’m going to put the videos, because NRK is not that jealous with their videos rights like her equal the Swedish, SVT.
01. Tooji - Stay (Tooji, Peter Boström, Figge Boström)

02. Reidun Sæther– High on love (Thomas G:Son, Tommy Berre, Ovi)

03. Lise Karlsnes - Sailors (Lise Karlsnes, Thomas Eriksen) (Sorry, I couldn't find any HD vid)
04. Plumbo – Ola Nordmann (Lars Erik Blokkhus, Glenn Hauger)

05. Malin Reitan - Crush (Beyond51 - Marcus Ulstad Nilsen, Andreas Sjo Engen, Kjetil Helgesen)

06. N…

Melodifestivalen 2012 Review: Deltävling 1

After the first semi final or Deltävling from 2012’s Melodifestivalen, I have to say that in general it was a kind of weak semi, but doing a kind of reprise of each year since the new format, I have to say that most of the first ones have been like this, but this could be a little more weak or I’m growing up and asking for more.
I’m gonna do a kinda review (yeah my famous reviews) of what happened last Saturday in Växjö, from bottom to top in the final results.
So, here I go ;)….
03. The Moniker – I want to be Christ Isaak (This is just the beginning) R/=Last place.
How couldn’t he have been the last one, if the song had the longest titles of a Melodifestivalen song ever? I thought, I had a kind of link with the song, but at the end I don’t like it at all, it didn’t have remembrance to me, so he was too down of what I can imagine, having in mind he was 3rd last year in the final, but it doesn’t count this time. He wanted to make a little change, but he moved in a wrong way, well that’s…

Melodifestivaleñ 2012: Conociendo los Artistas D4

En mi cuarta y última entrega de “Melodifestivaleñ 2012: Conociendo los Artistas” Llegó la hora de la Semifinal 4 y última, pues después de ella continúa el “Andra Chansen” y “Finalen”.
Espero que hayan estendido que "D4" es igual a "Deltävling 4" Plop!
Aquí voy…
Deltävling 4 en Malmö Febrero 25 de 2012.
01. Charlotte Perrelli – “The girl” (Letra y música: Fredrik Kempe, Alexander Jonsson)
Charlotte Perrelli o Nilsson (Se ha divorciado del señor Perrelli, pero se quedó con el apellido XD) Tiene 37 años, ha ganado el Melodi en 2 ocaciones 1999 “Tusen och en natt”, ganadora en Jerusalem1999 como “take me to you heaven” y lo volvería a hacer en 2008 con “Hero” pero no yéndole muy bien en Eurovision. Sus géneros musicales son: Disco, Pop y Schlager.

02. OPA! – Allting blir bra igen” /Todo está bien otra vez/ (Letra y música: Michael Sideridis)
Sólo Dios sabe y la familia de ellos, el tipo de música que harán, otro de esos actos que son desconocidos y son elegidos como de rellen…