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Eurovision 2017: My General top42 Before All the Lights Get On (Last Part)

Based on the first listening impression, I decided to do my general top42, after three previous posts, here it is... My top7. The songs I love the most of this year, at least before the shows.

Full of emotions and shadows song with a beautiful message, with that emotional piano playing almost at the end of the song, and her magnificent voice. Finland could not pick up any other better song. It’s just perfect, for me the 2nd best ballad of this year after my top2.

Watch out Europe, we are having a potential winner in Baltic region, Latvia is growing up and getting strong year by year with their music and since 2015 are showing the power they have to fight against big fishes like Sweden, Russia and Australia. This year Supernova has exploded and once again they pick up a dark horse that is going to make it to the final and could be fighting for the victory.I love the voice of the girl, I don’t like that much her stylish but it’s ok.

I am so pleased t…

Eurovision 2017: My General top42 Before All the Lights Get On (3d Part)

I'm going to divide the last 14 places into two parts. Here are the places 14 to 8: 
Aleksandr Walmann has great vocals and JOWST one of the best mixes of the year. It will depend on what they have to performance it. I love the song and it was one of my favs from MGP this year.I’d like to see Aleksandr by himself in future too.

Verona is a nice retro-eighties-song. Despite I cannot really find chemistry between the singers the song itself it’s really good.The risk will be in his vocals, Laura sings pretty well, but Koit could be penalized with his, I’m afraid. 

Flawless voice and great live performance, I hope they can make a great show live using a good backdrop and nice graphics that helps to sell their song. Switzerland could be placing really well this year, a top10 for sure if they have all the ingredients ready.

For 5th year in a row, The Netherlands sends a song I like since I hear at first time. I love the harmonies of the t…