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Eurovision 2011 - Analysis from the Great Final (2)

Continuing with the ten songs from the middle of the scoreboard of the last Eurovision results, I’m gonna give my opinion about them all, let’s start with...Continuando con las 10 canciones de la mitad de la tabla de resultado del último Eurovision, voy a dar mi opinión sobre todas ellas, vámos a comenzar con...15th PLACE: (11) France – Amaury Vassili – Sognu (Dream)This was a kind of anthem to me, but not like the one from Norway, last year, each time I heard it, it takes me to a boat in the middle of the Caribbean or the Mediterranean sea, sadly he got so nervous and missed the tune of the beginning, what made him to lose himself in the middle of the Düsseldorf’s stage. I think that bad step made that people didn’t appreciate that song, however, my mother loved his performance, along with the greek, she is not a fan of the show, even though, she liked them both. Era una especie de himno, pero no como el de Noruega del año pasado, cada vez que la escucho me lleva a un bote en medio d…

Eurovision 2011 - Analysis from the Great Final (1)

I promised long time about (during the ESC days) that I was gonna do a kind of analysis about the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 results, well it came the time for that.Prometí hace un buen rato (Durante los dias de ESC) que iba a hacer una especie de análisis sobre los resultados de Eurovision Song Contest 2011, bueno llegó el momento de ello.I’m gonna divided the final of 25 acts, in three parts, the top 10 bottom, middle up and top5 finalists.Voy a dividir la final de 25 actos en tres partes, los 10 últimos, los 10 del medio y desde luego los top5 ;)So let’s start…… (it will be analyzed according the place they got in the great final, with the starting position number between brackets) Comencemos... (Serán analizados de acuerdo con el lugar que obtuvieron en la final, con el número que ocuparon para su presentación entre paréntesis)25th PLACE: (13) Switzerland – Anna Rossinelli – “In love for a while”I still don’t get why the Europeans placed her so low in the score board, I love the…