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20 jours...

It’s been 20 days after left the nest, I’m missing my Mother and my pets, here there’s a dog, but it doesn’t pay me so much attention because he has its owner near.
I live with a lady who is near my mother age, she is a bit older than her, but it’s more serious, I’ve already been thinking in moving to my own, I’d like to have my own place, I like to depend on me of whatever I need, even though, I’m not having that bad here. I’m just saying.
Tomorrow a new week starts and maybe it’s going to be the most heavy of the last ones, because I won’t have any extra formation or guidance to occupy the job I’m going to do, I can’t deny I’m a little concern because it’s a new experience and maybe It’s going to be a little tough at the beginning or maybe not, I feel prepare for.
I think this space it’s going to be the chosen one to express myself and my experiences of life, and right now, this experience. Don’t you think? I’m going to do it in English, so I can’t improve it or get it worse. But at …

Changing Moment.

I’m just like Eurovision, in a new circle, a new beginning. Recently I was writing in Spanish, but I can’t forget you my English speaking or understanding friends. The last posts were a little about the Swedish songs and Artists that have made history in either way.

But I’m gonna talk about of me in this post, I’ve been shaking my destiny lately and I even changed my residency address right now, I’m in a transition moment, I left the nest and I’m missing my Mum, but I hope we can work with that, hey we are just four in my family, my Mum, my Sister, my Niece and me.

Well, that’s all for now, I just wanted to express myself in this my little and secret place (actually it’s little but not secret at all lolz)

From now and on, I’m gonna work more with my G+ so you can also find me here....

Carpe Diem