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Eurovision 2017: My General top42 Before All the Lights Get On (Last Part)

Based on the first listening impression, I decided to do my general top42, after three previous posts, here it is... My top7. The songs I love the most of this year, at least before the shows.


Full of emotions and shadows song with a beautiful message, with that emotional piano playing almost at the end of the song, and her magnificent voice. Finland could not pick up any other better song. It’s just perfect, for me the 2nd best ballad of this year after my top2.


Watch out Europe, we are having a potential winner in Baltic region, Latvia is growing up and getting strong year by year with their music and since 2015 are showing the power they have to fight against big fishes like Sweden, Russia and Australia. This year Supernova has exploded and once again they pick up a dark horse that is going to make it to the final and could be fighting for the victory.  I love the voice of the girl, I don’t like that much her stylish but it’s ok.


I am so pleased to find so many countries changing places, this year I felt in love with the Macedonian song, it’s pretty cool to the a mainstream song well done for a little country like the FYRoM. I really hope Jana can fulfil our expectations and can sell the song to the first listener in her semi-final and then in the final. Based on the song and the first listening, this one of my top5 this year.


Yeah, Azerbaijan is a little copycat from Sweden, but this year has a great song, they are learning from the swedes how to composed a nice tune and despite they received help to write the lyrics, I can say they have a great instrumentation. I hope the singer can conquer the Europeans and the jury because it’s a nice song but also vocally demanding. I’m sure they will have Swedish back singers as usual. I hope one day they could do all by themselves. This year they’ll be placing top10 for sure.


Amazing, modern, and so French song, despite the mix of language, I love the pure French version. France once again went internally and pick up a nice singer with a masterpiece song. It’s so frenchy but at the same time mainstream and radio friendly. “Requiem” could be easily winning this song if Alma fight against her fears and deliver a confident live performance. I love to see France getting stronger after 40 years of their last victory.  France is going to be winning pretty soon if the keep their path on track.


I just need one listening to see the greater in this fragile and simple song, made by heart and like it used to be. “Amar pelos dois” (Love for both two) is a timeless song full of love and honesty. It’s a poem became song and sung by an amazing corky singer. Sobral bothers can conquer the whole event if they just do the right things. I’m totally in love of this song, it touched my soul at first listening, I haven’t felt that way in long time. Meaningful lyrics sung by a bare hearted artist.


Since 2012, when I saw Loreen rehearsing in Växjö, I did not feel the way I felt when I watch for the first time to Francesco Gabbani and his live “Occidentali’s Karma” performance in Sanremo final on I said to myself “it’s too early to say, but we have a winner”.  Francesco Gabbani broke a rule of Sanremo Festival… He did choreography, for the first time in 67 years of history the winner of Sanremo has one in his performance.
[Eurovision Version Official Video]

“Occidentali’s Karma” is a masterpiece song, I love the instrumentation, it has a smart and meaningful lyric, with a charismatic and gifted Italian singer singing in Dante’s language and with a simple but effective choreography. Italy is my winner so far, I got addicted to this song from the very first beginning in the long version and after the cut for Eurovision, to the Eurovision version. It’s the most played song on my playlist from the last 200 days.
[Live performance in Sanremo Finale]

Italy has the whole package to win the whole thing and be the host of 2018. When we’ll be celebrating the 60 years of “Nel blu dipinto di blu” and the first Grammy ever winning as Record of the Year by Domenico Modugno; the first biggest hit known from Eurovision.
[Domenico Modugno's performance in Hilversum 1958]

This complete my journey through my general top42. I have to say Russia was my 33rd favorite before they withdrew from this year. 

I really hope Italy wins, and next year be the host of Eurovision ;) 

Carpe Diem ! 

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