What I've been done lately....

A lot of time has gone since I wrote here last time. I’ve been so busy lately, and I am still, but I did a break to write some words here in my little space on the cyberspace.

How many things have happened since my last entry?

Here in Colombia, just a day after the big European night, we had the Presidential election 2010-2014. Well not winner was announce that Sunday, it wasn’t possible until the third Sunday after that to know the name of the Uribe’s successor in Nariño’s House (Our Elysée Palace or White house version) But the first round winner was actually the premonition of Uribe’s successor.

We had an amazing full of emotion FIFA soccer world cup in the beautiful South Africa! For the followers of Germany, I was with them too! ;) Even though, I’m glad that a non previous winner of the trophy got it this edition, so Congratulations Spain, it was now or never. The 4 finalists was the best even my South American Brother deserved the trophy if they would have reached the final! So in general it was a full of surprises and emotions tournament! xD

I had a shorten summer break in my college class, but my mom had her vacations just three days before me, so I had to take care of my house, the good thing was I rested what I hadn’t done for long time, the bad thing was I had to cook by myself, in spite I love to cook, I don’t like to cook for one person, even though, I spent lots of time cooking and washing dishes at home. I got back to college classes and my mother remained in her vacation for two weeks more.

I thought I had a crush, but it was so ephemeral, that one morning I realized in fact was just another crush, so I started to ride my cycle to relax myself and burn all that energy! ;) Definitely I love to be alone that in a mad relationship!

I started to watch Dr Who in BBC Latin America on Sundays, so I did not miss it so much after my internet crashed! Lol. I began to feel addiction for Glee, Friend, Big Bang Theory, V, The protector, Cougar town, Community, 30 rock and another TV Shows!

Lately I’m following the FIFA U-20 women’s world cup, Germany 2010! Where our team (the Colombian one) has made us even proud of since they reach the ticket for this event and they have made a great job reaching the semi finals for the first time ever in a FIFA's event! And of course the German team probably become the winner! ;) (Germany once again, I think it’s the starring of this year’s events)

Although everything seems to point out I’ve been busy lately because I’ve been watching tv, that’s not true, I’ve been too busy updating my subjects delayed tasks, and one or another quiz.

My English classes are in standby currently, and I’m working helping people with their English skills ironically. But first money, then the improvement of the knowledge of my English! xD

Well, that’s all I wanted to share with you, thank you to all of those that have visited my blog while I was out of line! Stay in touch and don’t forget to come back anytime! Finally,I'd like to see comments of you if you don’t mind (The feedback) ;).

Carpe Diem!