National final Season is about to get even better...

Happy new year to everyone, I hope you all not having the problems I have, I got a lot of new pounds because of the food I ate at the end of the year, I think I'll need to run not less than 10 miles at day to get fit! xD Anyway, I had fun with my family and some friends, and I hope you did too.

Let's talk about my drug 'music' represented these days in the National finals for the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest that are getting even better, because the Scandinavian countries like former winner Norway is getting ready, so does Sweden, and Iceland ! (My favourites so far) Currently Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Belgium have chosen some semi finalists and Spain, Malta and Turkey have made important announcements, among others. 

We already have three acts selected, I'm gonna make a little review of the song and artist:

1. Switzerland - Anna Rossinelli - In love for a while 
Selected in the Swiss National Final with a name that I won't write because it's to hard for me (Just kidding, here is Die grosse Entscheidungs Show), last December 11th, It's a lovely song which talks about that feeling we have when we fall in love and we can't almost live without that person. I'd like to see this girl making to the final, but it's hard to say, because we still have more songs to hear till May!.

2. Albania - Aurela Gaçe - Kënga Ime 
It wasn't able to embeded here so  Watch the Video here

the 49th Festivali i Kängës took place in December 25th, Roman Catholic Christian Church Christmas' day, and the Albanian public broadcaster held as a tradition, its national final and winner was Aurela Gace with this song which means "my song". Firstly, I didn't get it, secondly, I didn't get it either, but then, at the third time of listening to, I liked the Rhythm, but I still have my doubts about it, because I don't know a thing about the language, but I hope to know soon with someone's trasnlation! ;) 

3. Romania - Hotel FM - Change
TVR hosted its national final (Selectia Nationala) the New year's Eve, maybe to kill two birds with one shoot, saying goodbye to 2010 with the Selection and receiving the new year with the Act and the song for Eurovision Song Contest Düsseldorf 2011. About the song, I have to say, that the three chosen till today, it's my very best fovourite so far, it has a reminiscence of the Swedish sounds and message on it is really nice, so it stole my 'hear' at the first listening, even before the final (when the songs were available) this one was became the first on my winning list !

I'm almost sure that one or two of this list is going to be in the Final stage in Düsseldorf ! A foresight? Perhaps !! :P

A shocking news from 43 countries to compete in Düsseldorf, one left us, Slovakia, why you? I wanted something like last year with Kristina! I hope you will come back next year and don't make a move like Italy, stopping by 13 years ! About Italy, I'm so happy to have them back even like a "Big5". Finally RAI made the move we all expected long time ago !!!

I really hope all our good wishes will come true in this brand new year to live ! I hope to see you here more often and commenting ! ;)

Carpe Diem !