Melodifestivalen 2012 Review: FINALEN

First, I wanna say sorry for those who read me and were specting my review about the Final of the Melo2012... I’m sad! L Melodifestivalen has come to its end and I’ll have to wait another year to have so much fun as I did this year. Well, life’s like this.

I’m going to talk about Globen Finalen results; I’m going to do a little review of that night. In brackets J: Jury results, and T: Televoting points = Total of the Sum.

08 MIRAKEL – BJÖRN RANELID FT. SARA LI = last place; 10th (J: 1 + T: 24 = 25 Pts)
Got what they deserved? Not at all, the song at first was strange but at the end it’s a nice tune, a good mixing between poetics and music (that at the end is poetic but sung).
04. WHY START A FIRE – LISA MISKOVSKY = 9 th Place (J: 21 + T: 18 = 39 Pts)
I don’t know why she went so down low, she was great on stage, she did what she should and it was great! I love the song, unusual but lovely. I’d like to see her with another tune forward in future.
At the end, I got the behind message of this song, I kinda liked it and I’m happy he didn’t win, but did a great job. Personally, I hope not to see him again in MF, but I wish all the best for the Singer. ;)
03. MYSTERY – DEAD BY APRIL = 7th Place (J: 25 + T: 27 = 52 Pts)
Fantastic, they were greater in MF’s stage, but they had against that the genre is not that top in MF, even though, I like to see them all sounding in airplay even here in Colombia, they have nice tunes, all the best for them and if they want to come back, they’re welcome back anytime!!! ;)
05. BABY DOLL – TOP CATS = 6th Place (J: 35 + T: 33 = 68 Pts)
I’m not a big fan of Rockabilly, but these guys rule on stage, they had a nice energy and that’s why they got the final ticket in Second Chance. Rockabilly has been in to finals in a row, that’s nice, if you ask me, and I say so because if you look well, the Swedish market is one of the most hardest to have success musically speaking.
09. WHY AM I CRYING? – MOLLY SANDÉN = 5th Place  (J: 55 + T: 22 = 77 Pts)
“WOW” that was my first reaction. Molly had all in her favour to win this MF, but she had two greater contenders that defeat her, the good thing is that she has grown and once again showed us all, that she could be easily a wild card to win for Sweden, when people decide to give her the chance to do it! ;) Go Molly, keep on trying and giving us high quality in music.
01. SHOUT IT OUT – DAVID LINDGREN = 3rd Place (J: 65 + T: 23 = 88 Pts)
David literally ate the stage, what a fantastic energy had, the song was a little weak, but the visual show was great, not too overproduced but not that poor, just perfect. Congratulations and I think he could be taken or compared as the “Linda Bengtzing” of this year; both are actors and eat the MF stage.
07. SOLDIERS – ULRIK MUNTHER = 3rd Place (J: 62 + T: 26 = 88 pts)
The winner of the last edition to date of the Melodi Grand Prix Nordic was just great; he had a growing song, nice vocals and the perfect performance for the song. He took me by surprise, because I expect his final spot for Molly or Lisa, but he did a great job and the Swedes watched and prized him for that ;).
10. AMAZING – DANNY SAUCEDO = 2nd Place (J: 92 + T: 106 = 198 Pts)
“AMAZING” He was amazing in the final comparing with the Semi-final performance, mostly vocally. He did a great job, but even though, I still think, the presentation was so overproduced and so demanding for him and his dancers, my niece of 9 years old, didn’t like it at all. And I agree with her; he could dance but not that way, less dancing, more singing my advice to him. Sadly he took in bad terms his 2nd place, but hey; who told him that he was going to win this year?! He should be sad for being 2nd for second year in a row, but happy at least for that, at least was 2nd and not the last one.
06. EUPHORIA – LOREEN = WINNER (J: 114 + T: 154 = 268 Pts)
Euphorically Amazing and Fantastic!!! She was not that healthy like she was in Semi Final 1st, but she did a great live performance despite of that and the noisy of her intro thanks to the support of the People in Globen.

She was my top1 favourite, since the 1 min of rehearsal last Feb 2, 2012. She got me and her song since then, I was eating my nails during the whole event expecting none of the songs from the following semis had the same impact and effect on me, and fortunately, some did a great job, but not at her level.

Knowing a little of the Swedish People and their faculty of giving us surprises, I was afraid until the last minute of voting... But She Won!!! Because the song is modern, she can sing it live so great that has to count among the European jury because she has a star, she is a gifted woman, that loves to sing and just watching her you can notice that it’s a nice and humble girl. The song itself is simple, but modern and well performed on stage. I hope she can give to the Swedish People, the happiness given by ABBA, Herrey’s, Carola and Charlotte Nilsson (Currently Perrelli). Heja Sverige, Heja Loreen!!!!

Loreen and “Euphoria”’s victory left so many good things like these:

- She is the first artist to win from the 1st Semi final since the new format was introduced
- She got 670.551 votes by Swedes, until today is the most voted act to represent Sweden in Eurovision.
- She won even the Jury vote (6 sets of 12 “poäng”)
- I can say that she is the first immigrant-descendant to represent the Swedish flag as a solo Artist in ESC.
- it’s the second time that a 6th starting position act won the MF, last time was the 4th time try of Lena Philipsson in 2004.
- At that date, she got the 3rd most played song in spotify.
- Even Danny had a great account of votes; he easily could have won the whole show if he hadn’t had Loreen as contender.

And so many things to add, but you find it out! Lol


Televoting: 2.053.432 votes (One of the most but the most voted)
Viewers: 4.110.000 people (one of the most watched in MF history; top3)

I love the final, Sarah Down Finer, Gina Dirawi and Helena Bergström the best hostess, they were funny, talented and good entertainers ;). Mr. Björkman is not a Saint of my devotion, but did a great job this year with the whole show, so congratulations for him too. lol

A little footage of the best moments of MF finalen! 
Happy for the victory of my top favourite, but sad because I’ll have to wait 365 days or so till next Melodifestivalen edition, I have to thank to the Sveriges Television (that maybe won’t read it, but who cares) for the FASTASTISK SHOW!!! Without a doubt Melodifestivalen after Eurovision Song Contest, it’s the best non sportive show in the whole world. And maybe the Best one, for me!


Carpe Diem and till next Melodifestivalen year edition!!!

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Sources: SVT, Youtube, wikipedia (Swedish version).