Eurovision Winners Top11 (2007-2017)

I’ve been watching Eurovision Song Contest Live for Eleven Years to 2017, this year, it’s going to be my 12th… Whoohoo!!!

I know about the show since the voting of 1998 and the final result of that year, but without internet it was not easy to know about it until 2001. At my first navigation on the Internet guess what was my first search…? Yeah, Eurovision.
 Ulrika Jonsson casting the votes from Jury and Televoting.

I’ve lived far from the big urbes and almost the civilization because all the new technologies came very slowly to the town, and I was able to watch it in repris in 2006, thanks, once again, to the internet and thanks to YouTube, I could finally see Carola and Anzej Dezan singing along (And Linda Bengtzing and Patrik Isaksson in Melfest).

Well, after the little review of my personal story, I’m going to rank the top11 winners from those years I’ve watched Live Eurovision Song Contest.

Ok, stop reading and just watch this video:

I really love my top2 so much, the tiebreaker was the language.

What is your ranking of the last 11 winners, do you have one? Leave me your top11 o top5 in the comments.

Thanks for dropping here, reading and watching the video.

Carpe Diem !