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Necesito un descanso / I need a long break !

He estado tan ocupado los últimos días, que cuándo me conecto a la red no hago otra cosa más que jugar en facebook, por eso y por el poco tiempo que le estoy dedicando a mis proyectos y tareas, he decidido bajarle a mi cuota semanal de juego, paulatinamente dejaré de jugar tanto, así mismo de estar posteando tantas cosas en línea, ya que ando compartiendo mi intimidad! Claro que no es que haga mucho, y menos cosas divertidas! Jajajaja, pero en serio, necesito dejar mi adición a las actividades online! Así que adiós Facebook, y creo que al Twitter también! … Sólo postearé de vez en cuando aquí en mi olvidado blog! Perdón amigos si los he abandonado o si los abandono, pero en verdad, el poco tiempo libre lo estoy desperdiciando, teniendo tantas otras actividades tan productivas por hacer, como buscar empleo y continuar con mi hobbie favorito, aprender idiomas y escribir. Bueno, nos vemos la próxima vez, que tenga una excelente semana y hasta que me levante el castigo, creo que soy el único en el mundo que hace este tipo de cosas! … Y mejor aún, las comparte con gente que ni le interesará! Jajajajajajajaja… “Que caja!” como dice el Suso! __________________________________ I’ve been so busy lately that when I can navigate on the internet I do nothing else that play games on facebook and another online activities which make me to waste time, that’s why I’m gonna reduce my online activity almost till zero, because I’m forgetting to do my workshop and projects. I will not keep sharing almost everything what it happen in my life thru Twitter and Facebook, so I will stop posting that sort of things on them… Actually, I don’t do anything interesting in my life and less joyful things, hahahah, but I feel the need to stop doing those things from now, so “goodbye Facebook and Twitter”… I just post from time to time here in my forgotten blog!. Sorry friends, if I’ve abandoned you or if I will, but the truth is the few free time I have, I am wasting it in nonsense things or unproductiveness, having a lot of stuff to do like looking for a job or my forgotten, but lovely hobbies left behind such as learning new languages and writing. Well, we’ll see you next time, I hope you have an excellent week and till I will remove my self-punishment, I think, I am the only person in this world who does that kind of things to himself!... And he also share it with people who maybe doesn’t care! Hahahahahahaha… I’m delirious ! Carpe Diem !!!


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Eurovision 2017: My General Top42 before all the Lights Get On (1s Part)

It's Eurovision Time and there are tops on line from the whole world, well, sometimes I made mine, and this year, I've been working on that too. 
Here are the first delivery of what is my point of view according to the first listening and the song itself, let’s start this….

The singer has a great attitude and she can deliver a good version live of the song but the main problem is the buildup of the song itself, what is that?!

I think she has one of the best voices of this year, the message of the song is good but I cannot stand the old-fashioned of this song, maybe if it had had some modern instrumentation it would work much better at first listening.

Most of the fans are going to hate me, but I cannot find a gap in this song, I know it’s an up-tempo and he has a nice voice but it wasn’t enough to captivate me at first. Maybe in rehearsals or in his semifinal will make me change my mind, but it’s still not my cup of tea.

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I'm going to divide the last 14 places into two parts. Here are the places 14 to 8: 
Aleksandr Walmann has great vocals and JOWST one of the best mixes of the year. It will depend on what they have to performance it. I love the song and it was one of my favs from MGP this year.I’d like to see Aleksandr by himself in future too.

Verona is a nice retro-eighties-song. Despite I cannot really find chemistry between the singers the song itself it’s really good.The risk will be in his vocals, Laura sings pretty well, but Koit could be penalized with his, I’m afraid. 

Flawless voice and great live performance, I hope they can make a great show live using a good backdrop and nice graphics that helps to sell their song. Switzerland could be placing really well this year, a top10 for sure if they have all the ingredients ready.

For 5th year in a row, The Netherlands sends a song I like since I hear at first time. I love the harmonies of the t…

Eurovision 2017: My General Top42 before All the Lights Get On (2nd Part)

I wanted to post my top42 before the rehearsals, I could not make it but I will post it before the Shows are broadcasted.
I’m a Swedish lover, but I cannot build a bridge with Bengtsson’s song, I know he has a great live show but I cannot stand the song itself. For me is not a winner, nor a top10 for Sweden. Sorry Sweden for second year in a row I won’t be crossing my fingers for you, but I aware you’ll be in the final.

It’s a nice 90’s-early-00’s ballad song, but I did not feel in love with it at first listening, 7th time winner of Eurovision is still lost for my taste despite I love its entries back in 2010, 2014 and 2015 ;).

After the amazing Dami Im I was a bit disappointed about this song once I heard it at first time, I kinda like it but without being my ultimate favorite, I like it but I will not regret if they did not get through the final.

I like it since the first listening but being realistic, it has not a strong gap that makes you …