What comes... goes away?

I felt in love with so many youtubers once, but now, I'm so busy to watch all of them, at the beginning I missed them all, but now, I got over it and I really don't mind to loose their crazy vids!!! Can the lack of time kill the love for something? I think it can, or the problem could be in me, today I tried to get up early and do a walking in the early morning, but I just turned off the alarm and keep dreaming, then I stood up quickly because I had an important thing to do, and I almost got late! lol When I used to get up early, walk or run a little in the morning, but now I can't, it could be because now the weather is so freshy that I don't want to leave my blankets and my bed! lol I have a delayed homework to deliver, but now it's the time that I don't have a whole idea of what to do, I'm reading, searching and pasting so many important things, however, I feel there are things missing still, well, at the end, I will deliver, anyway, I hope to end it soon... The worst thing is I have others to do too, and I don't know what to finish first, I think I will do them by chronological time ! lol Well, I hope not to get you bored with my foolish craziness... Well, that's all, now I'm not feeling so well, I feel hearburm right now! :S... It's gonna kill me! :/... Carpe Diem !


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