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What comes... goes away?

I felt in love with so many youtubers once, but now, I'm so busy to watch all of them, at the beginning I missed them all, but now, I got over it and I really don't mind to loose their crazy vids!!! Can the lack of time kill the love for something? I think it can, or the problem could be in me, today I tried to get up early and do a walking in the early morning, but I just turned off the alarm and keep dreaming, then I stood up quickly because I had an important thing to do, and I almost got late! lol When I used to get up early, walk or run a little in the morning, but now I can't, it could be because now the weather is so freshy that I don't want to leave my blankets and my bed! lol I have a delayed homework to deliver, but now it's the time that I don't have a whole idea of what to do, I'm reading, searching and pasting so many important things, however, I feel there are things missing still, well, at the end, I will deliver, anyway, I hope to end it soon... The worst thing is I have others to do too, and I don't know what to finish first, I think I will do them by chronological time ! lol Well, I hope not to get you bored with my foolish craziness... Well, that's all, now I'm not feeling so well, I feel hearburm right now! :S... It's gonna kill me! :/... Carpe Diem !


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It's Eurovision Time and there are tops on line from the whole world, well, sometimes I made mine, and this year, I've been working on that too. 
Here are the first delivery of what is my point of view according to the first listening and the song itself, let’s start this….

The singer has a great attitude and she can deliver a good version live of the song but the main problem is the buildup of the song itself, what is that?!

I think she has one of the best voices of this year, the message of the song is good but I cannot stand the old-fashioned of this song, maybe if it had had some modern instrumentation it would work much better at first listening.

Most of the fans are going to hate me, but I cannot find a gap in this song, I know it’s an up-tempo and he has a nice voice but it wasn’t enough to captivate me at first. Maybe in rehearsals or in his semifinal will make me change my mind, but it’s still not my cup of tea.

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Verona is a nice retro-eighties-song. Despite I cannot really find chemistry between the singers the song itself it’s really good.The risk will be in his vocals, Laura sings pretty well, but Koit could be penalized with his, I’m afraid. 

Flawless voice and great live performance, I hope they can make a great show live using a good backdrop and nice graphics that helps to sell their song. Switzerland could be placing really well this year, a top10 for sure if they have all the ingredients ready.

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It’s a nice 90’s-early-00’s ballad song, but I did not feel in love with it at first listening, 7th time winner of Eurovision is still lost for my taste despite I love its entries back in 2010, 2014 and 2015 ;).

After the amazing Dami Im I was a bit disappointed about this song once I heard it at first time, I kinda like it but without being my ultimate favorite, I like it but I will not regret if they did not get through the final.

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