Eurovision 2012: Cyprus | Chipre

Pues es una canción que me gusta, pero no la veo ganando, es la “Suecada brava” que tiene este año Eurovision. No es de mi top5, pero sí de mi top10. Creo que a Ivi le falta mucho pelo para la moña, a pesar de que no es una canción exigente, siento que es capaz de presentarla, como se esperaría. Tocará esperar hasta los ensayos, desde luego que tendrá final, porque rítmicamente es muy buena.
Chipre parte 12 en la primera semifinal que se celebra el 22 de mayo en el Baku Crystal Hall, Azerbaiyán. Va antes de Dinamarca y después de San Marino.
It’s a song that I like, but I don’t see it winning like many others, it’s the most “Swedish” song from the 10 running this year in Eurovision. It’s not of my top5 but it is in my top10. I think Ivi lacks a lot of confidence in stage, she seems not to be able to sing and dance at time, and this is a song for a singer well-trained vocally and with body language, I think she won’t be able to do the show the song deserves, I’m afraid. We have to wait until the rehearsals, for sure it will have final, it’s a catchy song and it’s enjoyable.
Cyprus is located in the 12th spot in the first semifinal that will be held next May 22nd in Baku Crystal Hall, Azerbaijan and it goes before Denmark and after the Sammarinese song.

Carpe Diem!

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