Well we still don't know all the song titles and maybe there it could be some song in this language, but I used that title so suggestive just to explain the following:

As there's a lot of information in English and Swedish about this great show and there are also Hispanic speaking people who like this amazing and fantastic show, from now and then I'm gonna write about the show just in Spanish with a view more Latin and not European especially Spaniard (I know there are a lot of fans from Spain, but from here Latin America the view is so different), but if you are a non Spanish speaker and want to help with the blog sending me information in English I would appreciate! ;)… Hey you can also practice your Spanish here, I write as simply as the English! ;) Don't worry I'll keep writing in English and in Future I'd be writing maybe in the Second Language of ESC, yeah in French! (I'm studying it right now)

Así que para los Latinoamericanos y los que quieran practicar un poco su Español, pues pueden leer las notas que haré con referencia al Melodifestivalen y es muy probable que también lo haga reviews de varias Finales Nacionales (preseleccionadoras de canciones y artistas para el ESC 2011) Así que no vayan muy lejos, si les da pereza traducir o no entienden ni "papa" de Inglés y ni se diga de los otros tantos idiomas Europeos, pues pueden leer aquí lo poco que diga sobre el Gran Festival de la Canción Europeo y sus pequeñas (a veces Grandes) hijas (las Finales Nacionales).

Stay in touch! / Estén pendientes!

Carpe Diem!!!