Internship: I finally got it!

I won't repeat how many days, years or so, the time that I wrote the last time, I'm gonna write about something that happened to me.... I finally found a company where to held my internships, in fact, I already signed a contract for 6 months... Whooho!!

When I had given up looking for the place to where to do it, I was looking for a job on Internet, and suddenly one of my applies was answered, I couldn't believe, but it was true, it was a job for a bilingual person (just like me, that's what I thought then) I had to move to the Colombia's second largest city and when I was in the training week, I got a call from my Mother in my hometown, 4 hours from Medellín by bus! XD

Well, it was a really strange call, she told me that one of my tried-companies to do the internships had called requesting me for a interview with the Human Resources Chef, and in spite I was having a really great time in my job, I was having a not great time in my housing because I was so restricted, I was not allowed to plug-in my laptop when I got home (Tired and late) and that's my only hobbie! :D

The following day, I got my luggage ready and bought the ticket to come back home!... oh Home sweet home, in less than a week, I missed everything from it! I've been out several times, but this time, I don't know but I felt the need to be at home. So I came back and I was in the interview and I got the internships, I could not believe it until I was uniformed! Hahahaha

Now, I'm with my laptop, in my room (Actually the former room of my sister) writing this shit! But I'm so happy, I feel that I will learn so much in that company and I hope to get the chance to be hired there! It's a nice company and they care about the Environmental, and spite that I will be working with the Mechanical Maintenance, I was asked to work with the Environmental part too, so I will be working with my both knowledges and studies (Or how it goes the expression, I'm still a dumb with my English, but no-one correct me, so there's no way to get better!)

That's all, thanks for reading, see you next time... I hope soon!

Carpe Diem !