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Well, let me tell you, this is the Hardest semi final, and if you feel that there were many surprises in the 1st semi final, don’t go away, there will be more in this one.

I just hope at least seven from my ten fovourites qualify to the final. Apart for what I’ve said, I want you to know that the most likeable songs are in this one so I have not only 10 but 17 xD, I chose them for many reasons not only because I liked them but because the voting procedure itself.

According how it is compounded the semi itself the televoting and jury voting will qualify the following entries/countries:

Azerbaijan (will have the ticket thanks to Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Sweden, Denmark and UK)

Turkey (the like for the song and the same Diaspora will give them the place in final, I personally think they would not need the second one, I like the mixture of sounds the song has)

Sweden (Scandinavian voting and the song is good enough to get votes from the rest)

Ireland (The singer is a winner and she is like the Hera Björk from 2nd Semi final)

Denmark (Nice song and will have votes from Ex soviet countries couse of N’evergreen)

Israel (Beautiful song, talented singer and the place is ready in final)

Croatia (It would be so disappointed if they don’t make it to the final, great voices, nice performance and beautiful song)

Armenia (Diaspora and it's a beautiful meaningful song deserving the final)

The two final spots will be a closer race among almost all the rest:

Switzerland (The Schlager of the night, and not from a Scandinavian country but an Alpine, sadly with no friends voting for it)

Ukraine (I love the message of this song and the singer is so talented that deserves to be in the final)

Cyprus (With a song quite similar to Belgium’s that personally I’d like to see in final too because it’s beautiful, soft and moving song, with good vocals and quite nice performance)

Georgia (So dramatic and wanting to be a opera piece in 3 min, maybe in final thanks to Azerbaijan and Turkey, even though the singer can sing live in spite of she is dancing along the 3 mins)

Lithuania (The song is the equivalent of Serbia in semi final 1, for its originality, funny and with its meaning, besides I’d like to see a Colombian born making to the final of the Big Show!!!)

Romania (according to me, with not the usual voters in favour of, they will await for the points of the Europe’s people, nice tune but the performance is so-so to me)

The Netherlands (with a retro song that have invaded so many heads, including mine, but with less voters than the same Romania, it could reach the final in a faith act or badly called "miracle")

Bulgaria (nice sound, but the mixture of language could not work, well if I could vote for it, I won’t personally, because it was better when it went only in Bulgarian)

Slovenia (poor cinderella of the FYRs, a dark horse? the big loser of the night? maybe the winner? It's a nice bid this year, anyway)

So, the 9th and 10th place will be in your hands, I think those spots will be cast according the marvelous of each performance and vocals go live tonight! Good Luck for all the 17 participant countries and good luck for the 19 voting countries choosing the 10 best of the night!

I can't wait for tonight's Show to know how far or close I am from your taste. But I'd like to know, which ones are your fovourites? If we have the same top 8 that I, which ones will be your other 2 qualifiers? Leave me your comments below! ;)

Carpe Diem and Share the moment!!!


  1. fuck off, Turkey will qualify because it is the best song, stage show, production design of all the entries this year. Enough with this diaspora stupidity... You are losing readers with moronic comments on not only Turkey but also other contestants.

  2. i wish, i wish, i wish, that lithuania get on final

  3. Why everybody hates Bulgaria? Is the Bulgarian singer Miro the only person, who believes that in everyone of us lives an angel ...

  4. Romania on number 9 or 10 in final?? I think you're kidding!!! Romania , Moldova and Belgium Have the best songs in the contest!

  5. Miro ist the best! Go Bulgaria!!!


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