Well, I have to say, I could not watch the first semi final live, so I watched the results on youtube. While I was watching the reading of the envelopes I felt of the energy of the moment.

In addition, I have to say I love the simple of the stage, the Norwegians know how to throw the house through the window with simple stuff! ;) (I hope you can understand what I wanted to mean!)

Now the analysis of why the ten were the lucky ones:


I think it was the dark horse of the night for many of you, wasn’t it? Well let me tell you, it wasn’t for me… Why? Because the ESC semis have always showed that when are at least 4 balkan countries, there will be at least 3 finalists. I think they were voted by Serbia, Albania, Germany and FYRM, so they was not the wildcard of the night, I think so.

But I also have to say the performance was so great and deserving the final, that I don’t mind to see them in the Grand Final!


Not a surprise at all, as I wrote in one of my entries before, it would be the Romanian voters favourite; I want to mean that the Romanians who lives in countries like Spain, Portugal, Germany and other countries voting last night, were going to vote for Moldova like they were voting for Romania itself. So there is nothing else to say about them, The performance was good, but not excellent, we got to have in mind the first presentation is the weak one no matter if you’re ready enough.


One of the biggest surprises, if it wasn’t the SURPRISE of the night, Mother Russia did not allow to daughter Latvia to go to the final. In my predictions of the Semi Final 1, I said that Latvia will be in final if Mother Russia wink them, but it was not like that. So her took Latvia’s place in final. Poor Aisha, but I got to say that Russian performance was much better than Latvia’s, Sorry if you liked the Latvia’s presentation.

But what can we do, Russia is Russia and no matter what the ex Soviet Block send, they have to vote for Russia, there are still a lots of Russian born living in their lands.

(The Biggest Russian Diaspora)


Mmmm nothing to say, they have their reserved place year after year in the Grand Final, I have to say it nice that the song was sung in Greek, I love when the song which made the final is sung in its native language.


I was expecting it, because it was impossible that France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, maybe Iceland and Moldova did not vote for them. The girl made a very good job lives. She was just amazing for my ears, I’ve loved and believed in that song since it was chosen. So Congratulations Portugal, I hope you place at least top 12 in final! ;)


They did the Performance of the night, with a very good English, I finally could understand what they sang! xD it is a well deserved qualification but I’m afraid they will be either the most vote from ex soviet block or the least one in the final. But they have to be happy at least made in to the final after 3 years, when Koldun was 6th in the final.

Congratulations Belarus anyway! :P


One of the original songs of this semi, along with the Finnish and a kind of way also with Slovak one, a very well-deserving place in final, they did a very good performance and gave their best. Milan and his group were better than the Moldovan and even the Greek performance for me! So I think they were the best of the FYRs!

I like the Serbian song very much!!! But of course it is not the winner, don’t worry.


OMG! I can’t still believe it, but not because he and his song weren’t good enough but because I doubted you, Europeans did not give him the chance to be in Final, I was so happy and I am still that I hope he placed top 10 in Final, He and his song worth a lot! I love his presentation and in fact was the most viewed on youtube last night (Colombian night). Congratulations Belgium after 6 years you made the final with a deserving, meaningful and maybe a winning song. Good Luck and Success for BELGIUM in the Grand Final!!!


Juliana made a great performance, and what about her backing singers, I just love it and it was the 3rd Balkan country making it! Of course it helped a lot maybe the 12 points from FYR of Macedonia and maybe 8 from Greece, but the song and performance live worth it and there was nothing more to prize them than with one spot in the Final draw, a small country with good voters. ;)


The winner of the Semi or runner-up, because it could have been Belgium! Between them both are the winner for me! I love Hera Björk and friends’ performance! They were just the best!!! Nothing more to say, just Perfect!! I’m seeing Iceland in top 10 for sure, Hera has the power in her voice and the way she is, many fans across the European and even outside the old continent. Go ICELAND Go!!!

I think, It’s impossible not to feel sorry for some of the non-qualifiers of the first semi, I am for:


Thea did a very good performance, but Malta is the small country with not Diaspora and not many country friends voting for them, the song is so beautiful, but talks almost about the same thing what Belgium song treats of.


Who doesn’t love the Polish representative, he is a funny and kind guy, and his performance was good, but just got points from Germany, maybe. So there’s nothing more to say. But he could try once again more ahead; he is such nice person who deserves much success! This time was not his time to shine, but he will!

The personality would not be so attractive as the song itself, at the end it’s a song contest and not a personality contest. But Marcin, if you want to come back, you will be welcomed any time! ;)


She deserves to pass to the final, but “Mother” don’t let her to do it, but I have to say there was something missed in her performance, I don’t know what but I feel it so. She could try again later; she is still young enough to come back once again! Good Luck Aisha, I lost in your beautiful eyes!


Well done, nice performance but it was not good enough to reach the final, I don’t know why, but you did a very good job. I hope you have so much success in your career Gjoko, I wish him all the best, because he seems to be a great guy too!


Failed in everything I was afraid of she would, sorry but this contest is like that, she should have been more like Helena Paparizou and not so rigid and emotionless on stage.


Sorry girls, you were so fantastic, as kind and nice as Marcin from Poland, but both fail with their songs. But I feel the Finnish song more lost than the Polish one, the sound was not good enough or their voices, I don’t know, I seriously think the sound in the Finnish song was the problem for not to make it to the Grand Final, anyways, thanks for your song and the nice energy you gave us. kiitos Suomi!!

Thanks for reading my entries and I wanna know if I should keep doing this of should I stop it because I'm so wrong on all this Eurovision thing!? Let me know in the comment section, thank you!

I have to thank a lot to Blevizga for uploading those amazing vids! :P

Carpe Diem and Share the Moment!!!


  1. One thing just.Sorry to desigree with you Latvia and Estonia was the worst live.The latvian girl sang a lot of fals notes.Rock bottom those 2.16th Latvia,17th Estonia the rest was ok.

  2. I have to disagree with you mr anonymous. I loved estonian performance and their song also(i feel so sorry that they didnt qualify) quite liked latvian song but... yes.. aisha made some mistakes.


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