Gosh! This year ESC final was one of the best for me! Why? No-one knows who would be the winner… Very deep on me, I felt it was Turkey, Germany or Belgium! At the end, I was not so lost, and it was Germany!

Congratulations Lena and Germany! It was the time for a Big 4 and Western wins again like it used to be.

The song:

I think it was the easiest song along with the Swedish one and also with the Portuguese. It is so catchy just like it was “Fly on the wings of love” or “I wanna” from Latvia in 2002.

The singer:

The craziest one of the contest, maybe she was just herself with the easygoing of a young girl, she just had fun on stage and that captivated us for the first time when she won the German National Final. During her performance on ESC final, she robbed me a big smile, in that moment I felt, we had the Rybak’s successor! :P

Germany has shown us that ESC is the same ESC we love, someone from long time ago, others from few years ago, like me, with the surprises of the night, the neighbourhood voting for ex Soviets lands voters, with the Diaspora power, but above all with the fact, that any song can win, no matter if there is more than a million of Euros spent on it or if it looked like a crazy song took from a karaoke (I love karaoke).

About the host broadcaster, city and country.

I have to say that Norway and NRK surprised me so much, the light show was just amazing, with just lights and a some curtains and other simple things did so much, the stage just fixed in all the artists and performances, we always find the artist, there weren’t other things entertain us, I don’t know, like the big and heave screams we saw in Moscow (That stage was good, but too big and the artist tended to be lost on it!) Oslo has been the best place to be, in spite of being one of the most expensive cities in the world.

The Show was just perfect to me in every single way! Congratulations Norway and NRK, you showed us that the money doesn’t have to care that much, with 26 millions of Euros, there could be a good event held!!!

In general the ESC was good enough, really great songs, to some boring because of the Ballad tunes, for others the best because the song counted a lot (I belong to this group) The vocals count too in so many songs. Even the Diaspora and Neighbouring vote are still on the scoreboard, but what we can do, Ex soviet lands still have Russians missing their motherland, so do the other diasporas across the Europe, and the best way to show that is voting for her and the old Soviet bloc and the motherland of their parents, one day it will end?. Time will say!

Who did not feel just great with this ????

Thanks for reading my entries, comments or written here on my blog, that meant a lot to me, at least I wasn’t written for nothing, and anyone read me!

Take care, have success and thanks for sharing with me the moment from far away, I hope to see you the next year in Deutschland!

Tusen takk Norge und wir sehen uns in Deutschland!!

Carpe Diem! ;)