A new ESC season began

Yeah a new season and not only the Spring but the ESC 2011 one. Broadcasters from the whole Europe are thinking, creating or just preparing the way they are going to chose their song and representative for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest 2011 (With the venue to know too) With three representatives already chose from Germany, the Netherlands and Cyprus till now, and the returning of Austria.

The rumors will come and go, the poll will show up just right after the last song have been chosen, the Returning of Italy, Monaco, Luxemburg, Andorra, Montenegro, and the rest of the non participating countries will be on blogs and esc-websites. That entire ambiance will be for a long time, the one who doesn’t write well the English we’ll be writing, posting, giving points of view of daily happening and go on till the end and after the winner be chosen.

Have a nice day, get ready and enjoy the new beginning of ESC season with: popcorn, sheets of paper for scoreboards and the bets with friends for who will be winners and losers in each National Final, and be prepared to get surprised with songs, acts and representatives for better or worse.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be writing now and on, and I will expect you here with your comments to my posts.

Carpe Diem!