Sex is in the Air...


Let’s talk about our favourite item, yeah S.E.X. Someone might be thinking “uhmmmm, no the hot topic” other should be thinking “This is gonna turn better” and others might be thinking “What am I doing reading this garbage?” if you are still reading this lines maybe it’s because you are a normal human being without any kind of taboo and want to know the point of view of another one.

I have to tell you as a warning, I am not a sexologist, a pervert or sort of that, no, I’m just a person who likes to express himself.

Let’s start, sex is in our veins from the beginning of everything, at least for the ones who were conceive in the normal way (man and woman coital relationship) the other way is the lab one (but that’s nothing sexual). We have to admit “we are sexual” from the beginning, after our birth the first thing we learned is crying (not sexual, but related) before we learn to speak, we learn to moan (uhmmmmm) yeah look for a baby; She/He is not to talk with you, she/he is going to moan or make any beautiful sound (less the crying one).

If we are that sexual, why are there still people who blush just listening to the word “vagina”, “penies” or even with the word “Sex”. We have to talk about it like we talk about food, animals or any other item of our lives. So don’t blush or be shame if someone talks with you about sex, feel free to express yourself, anyone should not judge you, they don’t have that right, because they make it or will make it anytime too. So enjoy one of the best things we were made by, life without sex would not be life, and human beings without sex are just a plant (Even they have sex in a kind of way). I think life is for enjoying in a healthy way of course, but for enjoying at least.

I’d prefer a person who makes love instead of war, having in mind that if he/she makes love, he/she does it in a good way, with a person (and not with children or animals) who deserves to share that important thing of our lives as human beings.

So make love or have sex, first taking care of you; use minimum a condom to not regret after and keep clean the penis and the vagina. Second, be yourself doing it, don’t try to be someone else, just learn and practice, ah and talk with your bedpartner so the sex will be even better. Third, having sex is one of the healthiest way to lose weight, so don’t do a diet, just have sex with a good lover and be the best lover, and finally, if you are a man, be a Casanova in bed with your girl/boyfriend, and if you are a girl, be the best Whore ever born for your girl/boyfriend so if he/she left you, will regret the lover she/he lost for dumbass.

Don’t forget sex is in air... and we need to breathe it.


  1. I am either a pervert, but I did like your words.


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