Junior Eurovision 2011 Final Results (post review)

Well, it’s been a while since the JESC was held in Yerevan and I didn’t say a thing about the results, so let’s start, from bottom to top.

In general the performances were really good, some of the acts had little fails in their vocals, but at the end they did great.

13th Latvia. Amanda Bashmakova – Moondong. 31pts

Beautiful voice but she looked so lovely in that stage, maybe a dog would have done a great job or a better back image, I think that was the fact that influenced her final result.

12th FYR Macedonia. Dorijan Dlaka – Zhimi Ovoj Frak. 31pts

Despite he was sick, because he got the flu or the cold, they did a good performance, he didn’t sound like in his studio version, but wasn’t that bad, this song was a bid of like, at the beginning, I didn’t like it but then I kinda like it and I enjoyed and I still do.

11th Ukraine. Kristall – Evropa. 42 pts

Nice song with great rhythm, but her vocals were not so good, maybe that’s why she placed down low, and she tried to do something that not everyone does, sing and dance at the same time, but with improvement she will do it someday, maybe in a Eurovision stage, like Sirusho does.

10th Lithuania, Paulina Skrabytė – Debesys 53 pts

I love this song and it was in my top5 always, so I won’t say so much, maybe too ballad for a children event, but I love it, and you (the ones who watched the JESC) didn’t.

9th Sweden, Eric Rapp – Faller. 57 pts

Yeah the song performance was a kinda Melodifestivalen show, Europe’s kids are not still ready for Melodifestivalen songs in JESC lolz. But at the end he didn’t do it that bad, no?!

8th Bulgaria, Ivan Ivanov – Supergeroy. 60 pts

Great voice, when he grows up, he’ll be a great singer, I hope. Well the two boys had the same destiny, half-bottom scoreboard XD, I think girls don’t like little boys singing lolz. I like the song, despite it’s a little adult.

7th Belgium, Femke – Een kusje meer. 64 pts.

She was retro, sweet and nice, but I think Belgium has not the voters or had not the lucky to earn the votes from all the eastern pals. Anyways, she was great for me.

6th Moldova, Lerika – No, no. 78 pts

I love her energy, but I don’t like to see her alone on stage, she would’ve really done great with two friends dancing and singing with her (doing the chorus) even though she went good, I’d like to see her on a ESC stage, when she has the age and the experience to place top10, like once did Natalia Barbu for her little country.

5th Armenia, Dalita – Welcome to Armenia. 85 pts

Great sounds in this song, nice choreography but not so good vocals live, despite Armenia had a great performance and that’s why she placed 5th. Hey, it’s Armenia, the previous winner, host and a good reference from JESC.

4th Russia, Katya Ryabova – Romeo and Juliet. 99 pts

She was the most experienced act on stage, but once again she was defeated and this time in was worse way because she went from 2009’s runner-up place to 4th place. For me one of the great songs and performances of the night and I can see a great future for Katya as an artist.

3rd Belarus, Lidya Zabolotskaya – Angely Dobra. 99 pts

I really like her performace and it seems they read a little of what I said about the look so adult and she looked more like the girl she is, beautiful voice, nice performance but it’s a fact that beautiful ballads can’t go further that 3rd place, once Sweden with Molly Sandén was 3rd too, So it wasn’t a big surprised her place, it was hard even for the twice winner Belarus, despite it was vote by all the contestant countries.

2nd The Netherlands, Rachel – Teenager. 103 pts.

The performace of the night, she was the junior version of Eric Saade’s performance in ESC this year. I really love her and she had nice vocals too, she wasn’t that luck like her contry fellow Ralf to defeat all the contries, like he did back in 2009. But it’s nice to see The Netherlands in a top3, even though it’s in a JESC.

WINNER. Georgia, CANDY – Candy Music 108 pts.

I can’t say it surprised me to see winning this song, but also I can’t say it’s unfair, because they did a great job, the song is a junior one, the group  was just perfect, their vocals couldn’t be much better and they just had the charming to win, besides the song was unique among the 13, because was really original and the live performance just add the points they need, they were in my top5 after their performance, so Congratulations Georgia, a little late, but in my twitter account I congratulated you that Saturday! :D

The interval acts were just great Sirusho was amazing, I love her Qele Yerevan Remix, and I love the beautiful ballad by Molly Sandén, they both were just a great part of the show.

Sirusho – Qele Qele (Yerevan mix)

Molly Sandén – Spread a little light

I really enjoyed the show, no matter what people say, I like the stage and I was really surprised by how talented the children from Europe. I love to see the talent in children, I really enjoy and I’m familiar with that because here in Colombia, we have the Small version of X Factor (now it’s on air the 3rd vesion of that reality for children).

Junior Eurovision is a good experience for those who want to be singers or be on TV and show their talent, I’d like to see more countries from the west of Europe, at the end the boys and girls have fund and meet children from the rest of their beautiful continent, this event is a good excuse to know about each other, like it happens in Eurovision Song Contest, so I’d like to see them all in JESC too.

Carpe Diem !

A little bit of our Xs Factor (in Spanish) ;)