Junior Eurovision or JESC 2011.

I’m not a big follower of Junior Eurovision because it could be that I’m a little bid all for such a thing, but I can deny I love some songs from the little bro of Eurovision Song Contest spin-off.

There have been till today 9th editions of the Junior version of Eurovision Song Contest, the same stuff of Senior, but with some little differences, the songs have to be written by the singer of part of them by him or her. Also the music has to be done by the representative or co-done by them. And the main and the most I like, the song has to be sung in the Native Language of the Country represented.

This year is held in Yerevan, Armenia (go to Google earth if you don’t even know where it is, but I can help you, it’s located near to Turkey) By chance host and previous winner match this time, because one of the differences, I forgot to mention is that host and previous winner is not the same each year, the winner doesn’t have to host the next year as in Senior or the Original Eurovision Song Contest.

I’ve heard and watched all the rehearsals as part of my curiosity for this little big show, and I can say the following in this short review.

I’m gonna use the short name and in English of each song, because I don’t wanna bore you with my languages that I don’t speak.... If you’re still there, let’s began:

01 - Russia, Katya Ryabova – “Romeo and Juliet”:
She has the advantage of having been before, so she is million confident in herself. She goes for gold.

02 - Latvia: Amanda Bashmakova - “Moondog”:
She has a gifted voice, but seeing her alone in stage, it is not enough. In the chorus gets better, but if you look for the video while you watch her on stage, you probably ask for a dog or some companion, a back singer or so.

03 – Moldova, Lerika “No, no”:
Charismatic, curious dancing, and nice voice, but like Amanada from Latvia, she needs back singers, I’m afraid, and the scooter must’ve been in the colour of her dress... just saying.

04. Armenia, Dalita – “Welcome to Armenia”:
Very nice tune, I like to hear the Armenian so that sum points, besides is Junior and I think the whole act will be great live.

05. Bulgaria, Ivan Ivanov – “Superhero”:
The youngest of the JESC, he’s really talented, I’m grateful surprised with his gifts, he wrote and composed the song, that’s nice, besides he has a great voice. It could be the dark horse, not winning, but getting a surprising place.

06. Lithuania, Paulina Skrabyte – “Clouds”:
Beautiful ballad, maybe the children in the Voting Europe wouldn’t understand, that’s sad, because the song is really sweet and lovable. Paulina and her pals do a great job in rehearsals, I hope she doesn’t get so down, for me the winner, but I’m not the European (children) who votes.

07. Ukraine, Kristall – “Europe”:
Nice tune and the customs are attractive. She has a little of difficult live, but hey, It’s from Ukraine she will be not lower from the half of the scoreboard.

08. FYRoM, Dorijan Dlaka – “I swear by this tailcoat”:
Poor boy too ill for singing in his first rehearsal, they modified some notes and he did quite good in his second rehearsal, he could be ranking well, if he gets well, even though the performance is not that good. But the jury will place him well. (if it’s 50/50)

09. The Netherlands, Rachel – “Teenager”:
She was a little shy in the first rehearsal, but then she did so great, she could be winning, if the former children of Russia, vote for talent. XD I hope she gets a great place if she doesn’t win.

10. Belarus, Lidiya Zabolotskaya – “Angles of Goodness”:
Boring, she wants to be adult on stage, too dramatic, despite of her big talent, but her performance is too much for me. But it’s Belarus, so Top3 or so, I really hope not, but it’s hard to fight against two previous victories.

11. Sweden, Erik Rapp – “Falling”:
He did a great second rehearsal, but I feel the song either could win or fail, I hope it wins, Sweden deserves a victory ;).

12. Georgia, CANDY – Candy Music:
I was astonished with the second rehearsal, Georgia has the gift to pick really talented children, the girls did it so great, another big dark horse in the horizon of JESC.

13. Belgium, Femke – “One more kiss”:
Femke is sweet, but we are not in a candy house, so either she will be in top 3 or bottom 3, I’m sure of that. Don’t misunderstand me, she has the talent, and the group is great, but like Laura in 2009, the performance really needs something I don’t know, maybe the good view from televoters, I hope she gets a good position, and I really don’t mind if she wins, it would be great too.

The final is gonna be available for outsiders of Eurovision Zone in the official website, if you wanna see the children have fun, next Saturday, just take a look in the link down below. ;)

You can find the videos of each contestant here

And more information about the contest in the official webpage www.junioreurovision.tv or in Wikipedia for sure.


  1. Hello Juan! First, thanks for the support! But tbh, i seriously hope we won't b in the mix this year. I mean, Rapp might do a decent job but the song is our second worst JESC entry ever (right after M+). And i'm not a fan of dividing the participating countries into Western/Eastern/Northern/Southern. I mean, if the song is good, it's all that matters, isn't it? I think i will b voting for Russia, Femke might get one vote as well.


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