Die Grosse Entscheidungsshow - Swiss People Decide

Today, It's the first national of so many to come!

Aren't you happy, today (tonight for the most of you) we’ll find out the first song and artist’s name for Baku 2012.

Switzerland the first host and winner ever of the Eurovision Song Contest is hosting its public national selection, “Die Grosse Entscheidungsshow”, for a Latin language son, it’s hard to pronounce that name, and even write it, so I will call it “DGE” ;)

14 acts will be competing for the Baku ticket with the Swiss flag on their hands, this is the lineup, for those who are unknown of it, and my little opinion about the song.

1. Patric Scott ft. Fabienne Louves – Real love (like it)
2. Emel – She (I heard it before, but it’s nice)
3. Chiara Dubey – Anima nouva (I really like it)
4. Guillermo Sorya – Baby, baby, baby (nah for ESC, at least not the next one)
5. Macy – Shining (for me the last one in a scoreboard)
6. Sosofluo – Quand je ferme les jeux (as the name of the singer.. So-So)
7. Atomic Angels – Black Symphony (I like it, but it’s quite no so Eurovisive style)
8. Ivo – Peace & Love (Really like the song and its beautiful message, nice voice)
9. Ze Flying Zézettes Orchestra – L’autre (in Eurovision stage would lose power, don’t send it, I don’t like that much)
10. Raphael Jeger – The song in my head (I like, like, it’s a nice tune, and it’s already in my head, it has a contagious chorus)
11. I Quattro – Fragile (Too much lyrical to me, it would be a kind of France 2011)
12. Sinplus – Unbreakable (I love this song; it’s a great rock peace from alpines)
13. Lys Assia – C’était ma vie (Classy lovely song, I really love both the song and I hope Lys do a great job live, she’s the best of all)
14. Katherine St-Laurent – Wrong to let you go (it’s my 3rd hot favourite of this night)

I would be really happy if my top5 get real or at least one of them win.

My top5 is:

13. Lys Assia – C’était ma vie (Just perfect)
12. Sinplus – Unbreakable (Nice tune, and I hope a great live show)
14. Katherine St-Laurent – Wrong to let you go (Nice ballad, but if you Swiss want to send a ballad, send Lys)
3. Chiara Dubay – Anima Nouva (I really love her voice and the Italian language in this song)
10. Raphael Jeger – The song in my head (great mixture of sounds from the past and the present, I really like it)

I think many of you are tired of read and watch that Lys Assia is the hot favourite, despite there are so many another good songs but let me tell you that Lys has story and she is the icon herself of the Eurovision, so that’s why almost all the Eurovision Fans want her in Baku, besides no one at her age, it’s been representing his own country ever, so it would be so interesting watch her in a ESC stage, so let her do it, and understand that is the willing of her and many fans ;)

I wish my number one wins, because Switzerland might become a winner, but if they don’t pick it, the whole country could be punished staying once again in a semi or maybe not doing so well, just saying.

I think not only the fans will follow this national final but the other broadcasters, like the Spanish one (maybe), because if Lys wins, they could pick the act and song according to a Living Legend.

Have fun, enjoy the DGE show, I hope I can be able to watch it ;) At the end, we’ll have the first song of the next Eurovision Song Contest :D

Carpe Diem!