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Melodifestivalen 2012 Review: Deltävling 2

After the BIG impression left by Loreen in her semi, it was hard not to compare the second one with the first, at least taking as mold the Loreen’s performance itself. But I personally I couldn’t find one as well as hers, perhaps, the one made by…. (keep reading) XD

07. Mimi Oh – Det går för långsamt. R/= Last place
I think it’s those kinda songs use to fill up a space or so, the song was good but not enough, she tried to do her best, but Swedes don’t want that old-fashioned style, at least not from her, sorry Mimi Oh, but all the best in your musical career ;). Maybe next time a better place will come J

04. Andreas Lundstedt – Aldrig, aldrig. R/= 7th place
I can’t still believe Andreas didn’t make it, the song wasn’t that bad and he did a good job. Maybe he just played a burned card I wanna mean the “modern Schlager” that sounded quite alike to “Headline” to me, that it had a good result last time, but that was 2 years ago and now everything has changed and more up there.

03. Sonja Aldén – I din himmel. R/= 6th place
I think this is one of those years that in Melodifestivalen the old-formula song didn’t work well, even though the Sonja Aldén’s song was lack of power, it was just a ballad more, she has a beautiful voice that could have done a better job in a better song, She will try again, I’m sure of that and maybe with a high quality song. This one was a 6th place song, and it was.

08. Thomas Di Leva – Ge aldrig upp. R/= 5th place.
I was in shocked when he wasn’t called for Andra Chansen, the song is not that bad, maybe the singer itself didn’t sell the song like we expected.  I was one of those that thought, he could do as well as Thorsten Flinck (and I’m not a fan of Flinck), but of what I could understand of the lyrics of both songs they’re quite similar in message, even though this one was more about peace and love in our hearts, and be happy in our lives or so (My Swedish is still a 2 years child), or maybe Di Leva wasn’t that voted as much as Flinck.


05. Timoteij – ”Stormande hav”. R/= 4th place (I think, they were)
Their song was good but had not the same impact of “kom” well it’s understandable, “Kom” was unique of its kind that time. But they did a great show, quite similar to 2010, maybe that played against to earn more votes, maybe I’m wrong. Lol
I’m happy because I could see those beautiful blondes once again in the Andra Chansen and maybe, once again in the final, I really hope that it happens, but there are still 2 semis on their way.

02. Top Cats – “Baby doll”. R/= 3th place
Rockabilly is taking more and more strength in Melodifestivalen at least from last year, when the Playtones went to the final with their song ;) Even though, the rhythm is not strong enough and I think they could be losing the battle in the Second Chance or qualifying and place down low in the final like the other mentioned here.


06. David Lindgren – “Shout it out”. R/= 2nd place
….He was the energy on stage (answering the “…” from the beginning), it was a really great performance, he is not so strange of the live performances and he showed us a proof of that, and what a proof!. I really like his performance and most, the thing that he couldn’t believe he was called to be in the Great Final next March 10th. Lol Well-done David!!! And I’m really surprised of the power of polls in Swedish media. He was the top2 in almost every poll I checked since last Thursday after first rehearsal.

01. Ulrik Munther – “Soldiers” R/= WINNER

It’s not the usual song that makes thru the final in a MF semi, but I like it and I’m happy for him, he is so talented and the people in the Scandinavium really love him as much as they love David Lindgren, I think they were in a battle of “Röster” (votes) and it was the young and debuting as adult artist who won over the debuting and experienced actor.

Munther could do even better than Darin, in this edition of Melodifestivalen… Just saying :p.


Televoting account: 516.751
Viewers: 3’341.000 million of people

Well, I can’t wait till the next semi final, I haven’t enjoyed an edition of Melodifestivalen as much as now! There are still more to come, more big names and surprises ;)

Carpe Diem!

Pics, Vids Sources: svt-melodifestivalen
Twitter: @jclugoholt 


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