Melodifestivalen 2012 Review: Deltävling 1

After the first semi final or Deltävling from 2012’s Melodifestivalen, I have to say that in general it was a kind of weak semi, but doing a kind of reprise of each year since the new format, I have to say that most of the first ones have been like this, but this could be a little more weak or I’m growing up and asking for more.

I’m gonna do a kinda review (yeah my famous reviews) of what happened last Saturday in Växjö, from bottom to top in the final results.

So, here I go ;)….

03. The Moniker – I want to be Christ Isaak (This is just the beginning) R/= Last place.

How couldn’t he have been the last one, if the song had the longest titles of a Melodifestivalen song ever? I thought, I had a kind of link with the song, but at the end I don’t like it at all, it didn’t have remembrance to me, so he was too down of what I can imagine, having in mind he was 3rd last year in the final, but it doesn’t count this time. He wanted to make a little change, but he moved in a wrong way, well that’s what I felt.

02. Abalone dots – På väg. R/= 7th Place.

Maybe the song was good, but it never wake up the need of listening to it, so the song comes and gone without any remorse in me, sorry girls, maybe the effect of this song will come with the pass of the days, weeks... years. But today, while I write this, I don’t feel any kind of feeling good or bad about this tune, I really hope they can be once again in a future edition, but with a song you really want to hear at least 10 times at day. In addition, I have to say they were dawn in a bad place, “Melodi nummer två” hardly never make it through either final or Second chance.

06. Marie Serneholt – Salt & Pepper. R/= 6th Place.

Oh Marie, I know you can do much better of what you’ve done last Saturday, I know you can sing long way better than you did, GO OUT of your “shelter zone”, you have a great voice and stop singing those kind of songs with low notes, you have much more to give to all of us, your fans. You just used the same formula of “Disconnect me” but wrong, you’re so beautiful, well-known in all Sweden and overseas, you have to challenge yourself and be more opened to new rhythms and to move on stage, a little dance, you know how it is on a Melodifestivalen stage.

I needed to write down how she will read it someday, I know she won’t read it or maybe she will, but I really needed to make it in that way, because it’s what I would tell her, because I believe in her talent and I know with a great song, and show live, she would have been in Globen next March 10th. So be more a risky girl and try again. ;)

04. Afro-Dite – The boy can dance. R/= 5th Place

A sadly surprise to me, why, why them, they did a great job life, their voices were just perfect, a spotlight of energy on that stage, we felt the power of their disco song, I can’t understand why they couldn’t get the ticket at least to Second Chance (Andra Chansen)? I think it’s the first injustice of this Melodi, but everything’s done now and we have to face it. Anyways, they’re still great on stage. ;)

And now, let’s go on with those who made it to the Andra Chansen or in our English known as “Second Chance” round.

Due to SVT restrictions of use, I can't use the videos of the following songs, because they want any of the qualifiers have any advantage over the rest of qualifiers on media diffusion. 

07. Throsten Flinck & Revolutiosorkesterm – “Jag reser mig igen”. R/= 4th Place

I want to ask for apologies for what I’m going to say, but Flinck scares me, he looked like an old Vampire just waken up ready to bite you and take your blood, but not without just before hypnotizing you with his eyes, I didn’t like either his song or him, I think this was the choice made by the older than 40 years, but you did it so wrong… After this, maybe he will be in the final and maybe win, and then he can take all my blood and feed himself hahahah, just kidding. I don’t like him, I don’t like him but I hope you all enjoy it, if his music is of your taste. ;)

01. Sean Banan – “Sean den förste banan” . R/= 3rd Place

Well he has to great thing Charisma and good mood, and the best thing is that he can transmit them to all of us during his performance well-made and structured so that’s why he is doing the line up for the Andra Chansen and maybe to the final ;p. At the beginning, I didn’t like him, but then, he got me with his craziness and good vibes on stage. :D

The good thing of these two songs in the Andra Chansen is that maybe, we’ll have more than two songs in Swedish in the final of the Melodifestivalen 2012.

And the two qualifiers till Globen (to the final) were:

05. Dead by April – Mystery. R/= 2nd Place

Well, they were a kind of innovators on stage from the song to the performance; I’ve been following the Melodifestivalen live from 2008 and in video since 2006. And I haven’t watched a performance like that, I partly love the song (I’m not a fan of heavy songs) and the performance, but it scares me a little the shouty guy; I can’t just hold his shouts, if he reduces a little bit his lament shout, the sound could do much better, but the essence would be lost, so don’t pay me attention… lmao!

08. Loreen – Euphoria. R/= Winner or 1st place.

Winner of the semi, she was PERFECT AND AMAZING… She just did a great job along with her composers and choreographer, the whole act is AMAZING, FANTASTIC, GREAT… for me one of the best performances ever done in a Melodifestivalen stage.

I know it’s really soon to call for a winner, but Loreen shows us once again that she is pure talent, great voice and what a body language live. Besides the Swedish people have paid her not gave her the chance to get the final last year, with a great song which still sounds on radio today ;).

Deltävling 1 Data:
Number of SMS and Telephon votes: 535.711
Number of Televiewers : 3.3 Millions (New record for a Semi Final 1 ever)

But we still have 24 songs and acts forward to hear, and next semi final is promising with names such as: Timoteij, Sonja Aldén, Molly Sandén…    

Until the next time with more to talk or discuss about ;p
Carpe Diem! ;)

P.D: I wanted to post the songs, but the risk of being banned by SVT and the google itself is high, so I'M REALLY SORRY !
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