"A song for Spain"...

I was going to talk about the 4 songs from the Spanish Selection for their Artist (Pastora Soler) chosen internally last December, but today was announced that “Ahora o Nunca” is the chosen one to be the eligible song among the two previous chosen to be the song for Pastora Soler in their Final in Baku 2012.

Without know the official draw of the 3 songs in the final, but as they are two ballads and one mid-tempo song, I’m gona talk about them in my own draw. So let’s talk about the 3 rest songs then ;)

1. “Ahora o nunca” (Now or never)

It’s the one I felt in love from the first time, in Spain is not the most favourite, but I personally find it really pleasant and her voice sounds great in every note and Word, it’s a beautiful Spanish Ballad, without using the traditional Spanish arrangements. To me would be this song or the Swedish-Spanish one. The thing I like the most from this song is that is totally Spanish made, and I was calling for a Spanish-Spanish entry.

2. “Tu vida es tu vida” (Your life, it’s your life)

It’s a interesting song mostly for the lyrics, but the song itself isn’t that strong, I wanna mean the sound of the melody, it’s a mid-tempo song, maybe with some Spanish arrangements; maybe a little more guitar or so would sound better and it would be a kind or polemic song in Baku 2012, because of the lyrics and the place where the Eurovision is going on, but Spain won’t pick it up because the singer has a long time career or trajectory in Music and they want to be in a better place in the final scoreboard than use her to be or create polemics in Eurovision.

3. “Quédate conmigo” (Stay with me)

It’s a beautiful ballad, that’s true! The artist herself loves it the most, so that put all the Eurofans in favor of it and the fact to pick it up for her. It’s third parts Swedish and one Spanish, it sounds nothing to a Spanish normal ballad song, but the vocals of Pastora Soler are well-explode on it, that’s why she really loves it, perhaps.

I’m almost sure it would be the chosen one at the end, and at least the Artist would be happy to sing a song she likes, not like last year, when Lucia Pérez had to sing a song she wasn’t so happy to sing but tried to do the best with what she got; but that’s old news.

I’m actually not a big fan of neither of the songs, they could have been even better but I think the two ballads worth enough to place well in the final of Eurovision, they’re well made but the most important well sung by Pastora Soler.

Even though, I’m expecting the live versions in the Spanish final to find out which one has the best performance and the potential to get a better place in the final scoreboard, I wish all the best to Pastora Soler, TVE and the Spanish people.

So that’s all what I have to say about the 3 Spanish songs, remember I’m not a music expert, I just express myself from the perspective of a fan from overseas ;) who wants all the best for one of the countries I feel connected by the fact of hablar Español ! lol

so, if you're not a Spanish Eurofan, which song would you pick for Spain?

Carpe Diem!

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