Eurovision Song Contest Düsseldorf 2011 - Semi final 1

Well, I won’t talk about the time I had not posting a thing here. I’ve been so busy that I did not have the time for this.

Like the previous year, but in a very summary way, from the 19 songs by the 19 countries contending tomorrow in the 1st Semi of the Eurovision Song Contest, for 10 places in the Saturday’s final:

01. Poland

02. Norway

03. Albania

04. Armenia

05. Turkey

06. Serbia

07. Russia

08. Switzerland

09. Georgia

10. Finland

11. Malta

12. San Marino

13. Croatia

14. Iceland

15. Hungary

16. Portugal

17. Lithuania

18. Azerbaijan

19. Greece

I’m so sorry for those who are not fans and followers of the Eurovision Song Contest, but there not enough time to talk about names, my post will be about the possible voting and the results which I’d like and the results what will be….

From the previous 19 countries list which will be voting to each other, having in mind that also there will be voting two of the selected group of Big 5, which are Spain and the United Kingdom, which also broadcast the Semi in their countries.

The results, I’m awaiting for are, because I think it’s fair and I love the songs in all the ways, you can analize a song, a performance and the voice. I write this after watch all the rehearsals (both of them) from each contestant:

If I were abble to vote, I will do it like this…

01 Portugal

02 San Marino

03 Serbia

04 Azerbaijan

05 Croatia

06 Switzerland

07 Georgia

08 Poland

10 Norway

And the famous 12 points go to…. Hungary

But being honest with all of you who are Reading this, I can tell with my closed eyes, that the 10 for sure qualifiers will be the following, because of the Political, Geografical, Diaspora, or just because the voting people of the night, just like the song and have the power to vote, just because the Eurovision is like that… With a random order, because I can’t do a top list:











Ok, I won’t ask anything, because it would be so much if there are at least more than 10 people reading this post, thanks so much for that and, I hope there will be a night full of good surprises tomorrow night of this First Semi final of Eurovision.

Feel your heart beat and Carpe Diem!