Eurovision Song Contest Düsseldorf 2011 - Semi final 2 - Prediction

After the shocking results from the First Semi Final for ones and amazing for anothers, the Second Semi Final will have more emotion and viewers for sure.

Personally, the Second Semi Final has very great songs and whatever of them could be in top10, but I have very clear that there are big 4 favourites that won’t miss the final ticket, and one that might or might not be in the final, perhaps suffering the same luck what Tukey had in 1st Semi Final.

The competing countries in the Second Semi Final are:

1. Bosnia & Herzegovina

2. Austria

3. The Netherlands

4. Belgium

5. Slovakia

6. Ukraine

7. Moldova

8. Sweden

9. Cyprus

10. Bulgaria

11. FYRO Macedonia

12. Israel

13. Slovenia

14. Romania

15. Estonia

16. Belarus

17. Letonia

18. Dinamarca

19. Irlanda

The countries’ songs I’d like to see in the final are:

01. The Netherlands

02. Cyprus

03. Bulgaria

04. Ireland

05. Austria

06. Sweden

07. Estonia

08. Bosnia & Herzegovina

10. Denmark

12. Slovenia

But, I’m quite sure that those which will be in the final for several reasons you may know are (Running performance order):

Bosnia & Herzegovina










But watch out of Moldova, FYRO Macedonia, The Netherlands, Cyprus and Bulgaria.

I’m crosing my fingers to see the ones from my first like list, maybe with Ukraine in it, but I’d like to see all those countries names I wrote and I like the most in the Satuday’s Grand Final! ;)

Carpe Diem!


  1. Hi, I'm Andreas from Cyprus and I'm happy because you like Cypriot song "San aggelos s'agapisa" which means "Like an angel, I loved you".
    Hope to pass tonight... ;)

  2. hi, Thanks you like the netherlands.

    We hope they come in the finals but the people in the netherlands always thinks that nobody vote for use so we hope that de jury gif us 12 points.

    Thanks for youre support and i hope you vote for us because they are good!!!!!!!!!!!!


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